BEDS 18: Thoughts on an “off” day

This post was actually tabled over a year ago but since I’m behind and need to find a way to make up the days, I finished it and it’s going to be my BEDS post for today. Enjoy!   Today was not a good class day…   I did what I normally do. I got up. Got dressed and went to 1 p.m. ballet class. … Continue reading BEDS 18: Thoughts on an “off” day

BEDS Day 9: Starting over yet again

Yesterday marked my first day at a new teaching gig for a performing arts program for children. It’s the first time in over a year that I’ve taught kids and even though the first day went pretty much without incident, I’m still nervous. As I mentioned in my “What I’ve Been Up To” blog post a couple months back, teaching children has never been my … Continue reading BEDS Day 9: Starting over yet again

Thoughts After My First Heels Class

So if you pay any attention to my Instagram (@dancetopiablog, follow me!), you know that Tuesday night, I finally endeavored to take my first heels class. Here’s some video evidence: And now for some main takeaways from my first time twirling in heels:   Muscle Memory is REAL And Getting the Steps Wasn’t that Hard I have danced in heels a couple of time before. … Continue reading Thoughts After My First Heels Class

An Ode to Dance Moms

For living in your cars amidst the smell of old dance shoes; For living room rehearsal sessions, going over movement cues; For tuition, for costumes, for fees you didn’t disclose; For venting about the life of a dancer and all of its many woes; You’ve been my cheering section, my toughest critic, too; And I can never give you the repayment that you are more … Continue reading An Ode to Dance Moms