Thoughts After My First Heels Class

So if you pay any attention to my Instagram (@dancetopiablog, follow me!), you know that Tuesday night, I finally endeavored to take my first heels class. Here’s some video evidence: And now for some main takeaways from my first time twirling in heels:   Muscle Memory is REAL And Getting the Steps Wasn’t that Hard I have danced in heels a couple of time before. … Continue reading Thoughts After My First Heels Class

Terpsichorean Heroes: FKA Twigs

I’ve been completely obsessed with FKA twigs’ Nike ad campaign since it came out in January (you can read a story I wrote about it for here).  It’s truly one of the most gorgeous commercials, concept videos, visual pieces of art I have seen in a long time and I was so excited that dance and dancers were being placed at the forefront of … Continue reading Terpsichorean Heroes: FKA Twigs