BEDS Day 8: quick blogs

Hi everyone– I’ve been planning to do BEDS (Blog Every Day of September) this month. Traveling and getting back into the swing of things at work placed me behind, so to make up for my delay I wanted to do 8 quick “blog-lets” to get me caught up. These will be mainly updates/commentary on my dance life so, let’s get started. Day 1: Gigs Ever … Continue reading BEDS Day 8: quick blogs

[SPONSORED] My Date with the Stickeebra

This is a sponsored blog post, from time to time as opportunities arise I will do those. You, my lovely readers, are free to ignore these posts. NOTE: I will NEVER sponsor or post about something I haven’t tried first. I recently tried a new bra called the Stickeebra and I wanted to share my experiences with it. Stickeebra, as the name suggests, adheres to … Continue reading [SPONSORED] My Date with the Stickeebra