About This Blog!

Hello, fellow dancer/lover of dance/person who stumbled upon my blog by accident–please don’t click away just yet!

In case you’re wondering what  DanceTopia is, it’s a blog that revolves all around my favorite subject, my first love–dance. But before we dive in, I wanted to provide a little background about myself, my history as a dancer and why I decided to start this site.

I grew up in Florida and started dancing at the age of 5. I started out with the typical kinderdance combo of ballet and tap before moving on to only tap at the age of seven and then adding hip-hop to the mix when I was eight, and later jazz at 12. I began studying ballet when I was 14 and spent my last two years of high school as a member of my dance studio’s elite level. While I didn’t have all of the gifts, what I lacked in technique I tried to make up for in focus and dedication. I was always in class, and did whatever I could to double up and learn more. When I went to college, my parents’ insistence that I pursue a “practical” career path in addition to dance, led me to study journalism, which I also grew to love, but my passion for dance never fell by the wayside. I minored in dance, was part of my school’s tap dance group, and also danced in my school’s mainstage dance concert during each of my four years as a student. Now, I’m a recent college grad who is apprenticing with a professional company while also seeking out new ways to marry my love of dance and writing. This blog, DanceTopia, is my latest stop on that journey.

DanceTopia is a blog for everyone. For the beginner who has been looking at dance classes through the window of her local dance studio and finally worked up the nerve to give it a try, and for the professional who wants to keep her skills fresh. I hope for this blog to be the answer to anyone who has ever dismissed a dancer for not being ___(Insert desired quality here)_____ enough.  To anyone who has ever made a dancer feel less than because they felt s/he didn’t have what it took to succeed, I say, respectfully, SHUT UP and GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BUTT!

To my fellow dancers,

Whether your feet look like hooks or barely point, whether your leg goes behind your ear or not, and no matter how many years you have put into this art form,  I hope you will call this blog home. I hope the advice and information you find here is helpful. My goal is for DanceTopia to be a hub for any and everyone who finds joy in dance. I hope that this blog will educate, inspire and elevate. Keep in mind, I am young and I consider myself a lifelong student of dance so I will still be learning alongside my readers. If my experiences manage to teach someone else anything new, or even if I learn something from a fellow dancer, I will consider myself successful. So throw on your best leotard, get a good stretch in, and get ready for an exciting exploration of dance and how to be the best dancer you can be!

Keep on Dancin’